Just Be A Perfect 10 - No Lye!

Designed to help you Shine..Define...and Moisturize your natural hair.

A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Salon!

A Perfect 10 is the leading natural hair care salon in Syracuse, New York for curly, kinky and locked hair.  We are proud to be the first salon to faithfully serve clientele interested in natural hair care.

Our clients leave “A Perfect 10” with increased knowledge and confidence.  We believe your hair’s beauty is a reflection of your hair’s health. We specialize in curly-kinky styling,  twists, braids, locs, barber cuts, non-chemical straightening, crochets, infusions, and much more.    

We recognize the innate beauty in “your” hair. At A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Salon we focus on healthy styling and product options to help you make informed responsible choices.

We offer a warm, inviting and professional environment for a diverse clientele. The A Perfect 10 experience is one from which you will walk away feeling more beautiful, more knowledgeable and more in love with your natural hair.

Stop in and see us today, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for our current specials and community events. For more information about our natural hair salon and the services we provide, please review our Services and Salon Policy.

A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Salon is a place for all of my natural haired divas in Syracuse and the surrounding areas to come and learn to love and embrace their natural hair. At A Perfect 10 you will build regimens, create beautiful hair styles, and learn to love all that is yours. This is a salon that you can visit without the pressure of straightening, or relaxing your kinks and coils. I do not even have any relaxers at the shop! A Perfect 10 is 100% Natural Hair Salon. Visit the Natural Hair Salon section above for a list of services and details about what we have to offer. Schedule a consultation ASAP so your hair can be A Perfect 10! 

A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Products

A Perfect 10 also offers a composition of different hair products formulated for natural hair care. Each product contains 10 key all natural ingredients designed to help you Shine, Define, and Moisturize your hair. These products are formulated to make your hair healthier, longer and stronger over time.

A Perfect 10’s natural hair products are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Silicon Free, Petroleum Free, Alcohol Free, Free of Mineral oil, PH Balanced, and made of natural and some organic ingredients. They are infused with essential oils, emollients, humectants, biotin, and moisturizers to help your hair stay moisturized, manageable, growing, and flowing. The health of your hair is our top priority. Great for Natural, Transitioning, Protective Hair Styles, Locs...AND SO MUCH MORE!

As we all know, kinky, curly, coily, textured, or afro hair is the hardest to moisturize. Our products are designed just for those unique textures. Visit our natural hair product description page to view a breakdown of each ingredient that we use. Never be confused about what you're putting on your head.

A Perfect 10 is also involved in our community. We are actively spreading awareness about addiction, and making donations to Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare. There is more information on how you can be involved on our "Donations" page. Click the link above.