Just Be A Perfect 10 - No Lye!

Designed to help you Shine..Define...and Moisturize your natural hair.

All Natural Ingredients

A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Salon

A Perfect 10 uses only all natural ingredients. The health of your hair is our top priority. As a result we make sure our products are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Silicon Free, Mineral Oil Free, Petroleum Free, and Alcohol Free.  

AP10 Blend~This is A Perfect 10's unique blend of all natural ingredients. We have researched 10 all natural ingredients designed to optimize our other product ingredients. These ingredients are important in hair care; they are great moisturizers, stregtheners, and very nourishing for your hair. Our AP10 Blend enhances your hair by providing nourishing benefits. It also carries the essential oils added to our products. 

Butyrospermum Parkii~ Unrefined Shea Butter

A rich source of moisture, vitamins and fat for your hair. Natural anti-inflammatory properties make it a nourishing choice for the scalp, helping to improve your hair growth and health. We use unrefined shea butter to make certain that our products have essential vitamin A, vitamin E, phytonutrients and healing fats to help with the health of your hair and scalp. Shea Butteris all natural and also reduces dryness and breakage, which will result in longer and healthier hair over time. 

Cocos Nucifera Oil~ Coconut Oil
Penetrates the hair shaft and works with the natural hair proteins, resulting in stronger hair.  Coconut oil is an all natural ingredient that minimizes protein loss and reinforces the hair’s structure. It also provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair, and stimulates proper circulation on the scalp to keep it moisturized. Coconut oil also reduces split ends, thinning and dandruff. 

Tocopherol~ Vitamin E Oil
Helps reduce inflammation and repair damage to the follicles, and healthy follicles encourage hair growth. Vitamin E Oil is an all natural way to improve hair growth, prevent hair loss and split ends. 

Persea Gratissima Oil~ Avocado Oil
Good for moisturizing dry, brittle, and damaged hair, and is easily absorbed into the hair and scalp. It contains many nutrients such as vitamins A, B, D, E, protein, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium, and folic acid. All these nutrients are beneficial for nourishment and hair growth. It has natural humectant properties adding and locking in moisture. It is full of vitamins that your hair needs like vitamins A, E, D and potassium. A natural SPF. It’s also great for deep conditioning, strengthening hair, and adding shine. The vitamins, amino acids, and high fat content promote healthy cell growth and are great for maintaining and restoring scalp health.

Vitamin B7~ Biotin
Part of the B-complex vitamins. It plays a vital role in cell growth, generation of fatty acids, and metabolism of amino acids and fats. It reduces hair breakage meaning that hair will grow longer in a shorter period. Another great benefit for hair growth other than increase in length and strength is great hair color since this vitamin replenishes your roots and follicles.

Melaleuca Oil~ Tea Tree Oil
Great moisturizer for the hair, it helps to keep the scalp free of bacteria and fungal problems. Tea tree oil unblocks the sebaceous glands and encourage the flow of the scalp’s own moisturizing oils while clearing away dead skin cells. Tea tree oil mixed with other essential oils is especially good as a scalp treatment for relieving dandruff.

Prunus Amygdalus~ Sweet Almond Oil
Contains a high concentration of proteins and vitamins A, B and E, all of which help add shine to dull, dry hair. Additionally, fatty acids omega 9, 6 and 3 help to reflect damaging UV rays and protect hair from the sun. Sweet Almond Oil promotes shiny hair, fights breakage, nourishes dryness, and stimulates hair growth. 

Olea Europaea ~ Olive Oil
Helps in preventing as well as curing hair loss as  it prevents the production of the hormone DTH which causes the hair follicle shaft to decrease, thus getting rid of the problem of hair loss. Olive oil contains antioxidants that promotes a healthy hair  and scalp. Olive oil strengthens and smooths hair cuticles.

Simmondsia Chinensis~ Jojoba Oil
Rapidly penetrates down to the scalp and hair shaft, and readily loosens and dissolves this hardened build-up. The scalp and hair follicles are left clean and free to continue their normal function. Jojoba is great for all hair types and has an ability to inhibit excess activity of the sebaceous glands making it the perfect choice for people with oily scalps that still need conditioning. Likewise it can be used for dry hair as it helps to moisturize your hair properly.

Prunus Armeniaca ~ Apricot Oil
Great for hydrating the hair. Rich in Vitamin A & E. Helps to restore moisture and balance to dull, dry hair. Promotes healthy hair growth, and is believed to prevent hair loss, as well as helping to retain length. 

Behentrimonium Methosulfate (BTMS-50)
Another all natural ingredient. Emulsifier, and conditioning agent. Helps with detangling. Derived from rapeseed oil. 

Cetyl Alcohol
Thickener with great conditioning qualities. Provides great "slip" to our products.